Below is an account of the creation of the project from start to finish. 
Start with an image of a clock and zooming into it. When the hand moves it reveals the word 'Time' then 'to tour
the' will appear on the hand of the clock. the rest of the text from that sentence will appear below the clock hand.
Image of a sun to the left, mercury on the right of the text. 
Following on from the previous line / planet 'The next is' then an image of Earth appears, Camera zooms in on the text and
follows it around to an image of a house and then by the side of that the rest of the text appears beside the house image.
This one needs a little work, but my idea is, it will zoom out to show the solar system and above each planet a word of the sentence will appear and then an image of Uranus will pop into the screen and an flashing sign saying 'You forgot Uranus' will appear, then onto the next screen by the Warner Bros. symbol closing into the middle and rest fading into the background
I've started off with designing the last line of the song, the image that says ' Goodnight Everybody'. I still need to figure out what i will do for the last few seconds before the music ends, i think i'll just animate the text by making it get sucked into the symbol and then the symbol expanding larger than the screen or just have an animation of it turning to TV noise.
 The last image of one of the animaniacs, ive scrapped but I may use it at a later stage. 
Image above: Colour and font test for the project.
I took screen shots of the songs video to get ideas of a colour palette , but
to honest i don't think they're great so I will continue to research this more.
The last few sketches im not 100% sure on , more of a work in progress with these, I want to find a 'cloudy' looking font for parts of this
The font im going to use is a font called 'Earth's Mightiest' I think it will suit the video quite well , we'll see how it looks soon enough.
So today i worked on the first scene again, changed the colours but still not quite happy with them, at least there easy to change....
then i added the camera movement using the null object. 
Then i moved onto the 'C'mon and Mercury scene' and added camera movement on them in the end,
Timing this thing to the song is some pain ! 
I made an Earth image then  for  the Earth scene, might need some more work.... busy day :) 
I made a home symbol in photoshop and imported it to use it in the comp.
I was working on 'Earth' comp but i still need to add the camera, and animate the text. 
It's taken me all evening but i've finally got the 2 and a half seconds worth of my kinetics video camera work done...
phew that was a lot of work... I may have a slight case of OCD after spending so much time on this :)
But i think its okay, even if its a bit fast... 
 I've been really un inspired when it came to the 'Venus' and 'mercury'' comp, so i can't say i'm really happy with them,
I changed parts of the 'Time' comp too by warping the text and adding in the outline image at the animaniac character. 
there are a few things in this comp that need to be changed but I've spent too much time on
them already and need to start moving onto new comps i think... slowly getting there... 
I have to admit this is my favourite part of the project so far. Its now 3:40am Time for bed....
In the words of the today's video  'Goodnight Everybody! '  :D 
 Today i did the 'Pluto' comp, and i've the last 5 comps started with text and
the timing to the song done, but not layed out to how it going to be yet. 
So here is the final piece. 
So remember I said that last one was the final piece? well I lied...
Now this is the last piece, no more tweeks! Its definately done this time! Phew!
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